Tools: metagoofil (File search)

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All penetration tester and hackers search files against their target site because it is important for information gathering (Custom Password, Internal idea about the company etc?). Google is friend of hacker or penetration tester. They search using Google foo or automated tools  such as metagoofil. Metagoofile is good python script for doing such job.

How to use:

simply type in Terminal/Konsole ” ./” and you will get all options to use it.

Also they gave some example to use it. But here is practical usage:

root@bt:/pentest/enumeration/google/metagoofil# ./ -d -t doc,pdf -l 200 -n 50 -o microsoftfiles -f results.html

It will start searching and will automatic download the specified file (Lol be aware).

Now try against your own site for practice purpose.

I don’t think that we need someone to learn to use tools.

Easy man … So try everything!!!

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